Hello Guys, I am Ob and welcome all of you to “For Fact Lovers” or “ForFactLovers.com”.

ForFactLovers.com is not just a website with daily new content, instead, I created it for only the security of my Youtube Channel Content. Channel Name is also “For Fact Lovers” must visit. Best content with varieties of categories like:

  • Nature Based Facts
  • Animals Based Facts
  • Tech Based Facts
  • Physics Based Facts
  • Space Based Facts
  • Person Based Facts

and many more.

The main reason for the creation of this channel is not money or not learning because I like to learn silently. So what is the main reason?

The reason is very simple “to make myself perfect for public speaking” Because I need it also many others. Because not everyone knows but each person make their brain pattern (Brain Working) according to their environment. I am talking about the nature-based environment, rather it’s a different environment.

Well, It’s an environment like how you trained your brain, or what type of environment you create to stay focused. And this is what I need to say “Since I started thinking I knew what I will do in the future” that’s why I learned a lot because according to me “Better Information Makes Better Decisions” simple sentence but very powerful.

Its meanings: If you are facing a problem regarding any project that means you have a lack of information, you need to learn more.

Due to learning a lot in a room, with no friends, no meetings, no exploring, no social relations I forgot my Public Speaking plus my Confidence Level. I want to express my thoughts about “What I have learned” or “What I have Found” but without proper public speaking these are completely useless. That’s why I created this channel or website.

One more thing ‘in the front of the mirror’ I am full of confidence, and I speak a lot daily. But with someone else, it’s too difficult. Even my English is also not good, but don’t worry I will try my best.

Thankyou Guys.